The process of Fiberglass construction commences with the application of gel coat, which is sprayed directly into the moulds. The gel coat is based on isophtalic resin whose properties are extremely resistant to water penetration and UV.

Each layer is applied by hand and also incorporates isophalic resin therefore insuring highly effective barrier against water infiltrations.
To improve the tensional strength and the general comfort on board an insulation of special PVC Foam (Sandwich construction) is added to all fiberglass parts.
The hull is a combination between a Solid fiberglass Construction under the waterline and a Sandwich Construction above the waterline. This construction gives the perfect synergy between strength, weight and performance of the yacht.

The stringer and grid system is utilized for the purpose of counteracting external stress created by wave impact and internal stress caused by the general weight of material on board, fuel-tanks etc .., and engine operation. The main engine basements are Steel reinforced Fiberglass stringers which prevent unwanted flexibility and vibration.

All the laminates are carefully rolled out by hand; temperature and humidity are strictly controlled during the process.

As a result of the quality of material used and the working procedure employed, Ladenstein is able to offer a 5 years warranty against blistering and osmosis.