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30 years of experience

Ladenstein has built up a reputation for creating an innovative design since 1984. To create a custom-made design solution based on top quality standards, we are working only with highly qualified staff that is well-trained in various specialties. We measure our success, not by the number of yachts we build, but with the quality of our product and the relationships we have with our owners.


The production department divides into six divisions, which are producing unprecedentedly quality works premised on our values: top quality combined with innovative design solutions. That also includes only using high-value materials and to join forces with suppliers that share the same principles as we.



The in-house design department creates exterior, interior design, and technical yacht solutions exclusively for the Ladenstein Shipyard, which gives us the freedom to fulfill all your demands and wishes. Combined with technical innovations, Ladenstein implies well-known principles of yacht construction.


Ladenstein develops its own fiberglass moulds as well as other complex shapes of the material in the highest standard. Also, after the yacht building process, we offer a broad spectrum of mould services such as concept and design, mould shaping, and other types of customer-specific demands.


The process of fiberglass construction commences with the application of gel coat, which is sprayed directly into the molds. The gel coat is based on isophthalic resin, which is incredibly resistant to water penetration and UV. To improve the tensional strength and the overall comfort on board insulation of special PVC Foam is added to all fiberglass parts


All items of furniture are preinstalled before they are delivered to the separated painting room, where seven to eight coats of polyurethane varnish get applied. By using this procedure, we can assure the best possible finish. Once the varnish application has been completed, the furniture is reinstalled on board.


All electrical cables are entirely integrated into the channels. Therefore, each yacht utilizes approx. twelve km of individual electrical wires. Ladenstein uses only state of the art electrical system to assure the best conviviality during your time on the boat.


Once finished the hull lamination, floors and bulkheads will be installed into the hull. To avoid any cracks and unwanted movements, Ladenstein uses only fiberglass floors and bulkheads (plywood floors and bulkheads used by other Shipyards). Thanks to this method, you can enjoy high comfort during your sea journey.

“I never want to create duplicates of my designs because without allowing new ideas there will be no improvements”.

Ing. Markus Ladenstein
CEO & Founder



The principles of Ladenstein Yacht Trading are based on the thinking of Markus Ladenstein who always valued the close contact with his clients. By creating together with them innovative design solutions, he was able to give each Ladenstein Yacht an individual fingerprint and his clients a home on the sea.