Why we don’t believe in mass production


Many owners have a clear vision if they start dreaming of their own yacht but when the process starts they have to settle for less because many shipyards are only designed for mass-production. We, as shipyard believe it is not the right way to diminish your vision – we want to embrace it, by listening to your ideas and taking the time to build the ship after your conceptions.

Dialogue with our customers

We engage in an on-going dialogue with our customers – listening to their ideas, integrating them into plans, and allowing the owner’s dream of a yacht transforming into a shape. Each model becomes unique in it is own way because each part of the yacht displays the style of the owner. We are here for you from the start until the most unforgettable moment for every owner, the handing over of the key and the first journey with their own Ladenstein.

Design with us or bring your team

Whatever preference our clients have, we try to adapt to them. Therefore, depending on your wish, you can work together with our in-house designer or choose your preferred designer.

The in-house design department creates exterior-, interior design, and technical yacht solution exclusively for the Ladenstein Shipyard which gives the client’s the freedom to express his or her lifestyle on board.

Combined with technical innovation Ladenstein implies the essential principles of yacht construction.


The pleasure of working with high-quality materials and the completion of each detail requires a special love to yacht building, which is encouraged by our management. After the first implementation of the plans, our boat builders are set to work with high precision.

Every single detail is made with caution and supervised with a frequent inspection.